Keeping Your Factory Employees Safe
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Keeping Your Factory Employees Safe

After dealing with a non-profitable year in business, I sat down with my accounting team to see what the problem was. The results were surprising. They explained to me that the biggest expenses that year had nothing to do with product inventory or building upgrades. Instead, they explained to me that we were losing a lot of money taking care of workplace accidents. I realized that we needed to keep our factory employees safe, so we started evaluating our manufacturing and processing procedures. We uncovered a lot of deficiencies, and we took steps to make things right. This blog is all about protecting your workers.


Keeping Your Factory Employees Safe

Why You Should Use Acrylic Fabrication For Your Business?

Ellen Carlson

If you are looking for card holders or a frame for a poster, signage, etc, there are many materials you could choose, but one of the best options on the market is acrylic. Acrylic has many unique properties that make it a good choice for your business. While it may not be the right choice for every application, it is at least worth looking into. 


If you are looking for a flowing design, not every material will give you what you are after. When you heat up acrylic, it develops plasticity. Using the right forms, a skilled worker can create a flowing design for your card holder so that it is not only functional but adds to the aesthetics of your business. 


Using a computer program and lasers, a technician can cut a sheet of acrylic into intricate patterns. The laser can create edges so smooth and shapes so precise that you don't need jigs to create tight joints. You can even feature the bare edges left by these cuts as part of your design. 


If you don't want the joints between different pieces of acrylic to be highly visible, you can ask your fabricator to use cement to hold the joints together. Cemented joints should be strong enough to handle the pressure created when you place a heavy load on your finished piece. 


If you want a piece that is held together by more than cement, a technician can drill screw holes into sheet of acrylic. Whether this is important to you from a design perspective or for aesthetic reasons, it is important to know that drilling is an option. 


Acrylic is both durable and and transparent. Thus, you can make podiums, tables, chairs, and other pieces that receive a lot of wear and tear as well as smaller pieces as discussed above. Because acrylic is transparent, your piece will have a clean, modern look to it. You can then use lights to cause the acrylic to glow and add a whole new dimension to your design. 

Whether you are trying to frame a vintage poster for display in your home or you are trying to create a functional conversation piece for your business, ordering a custom-made acrylic piece is worth looking into. In order to get exactly the piece you want, look for fabricator who can thermo-form, laser-cut, computer-design, cement, drill, and otherwise create custom pieces out of acrylic.