Keeping Your Factory Employees Safe
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Keeping Your Factory Employees Safe

After dealing with a non-profitable year in business, I sat down with my accounting team to see what the problem was. The results were surprising. They explained to me that the biggest expenses that year had nothing to do with product inventory or building upgrades. Instead, they explained to me that we were losing a lot of money taking care of workplace accidents. I realized that we needed to keep our factory employees safe, so we started evaluating our manufacturing and processing procedures. We uncovered a lot of deficiencies, and we took steps to make things right. This blog is all about protecting your workers.


Keeping Your Factory Employees Safe

3 Tips To Sell More Candy In Your Convenience Store

Ellen Carlson

In your convenience store, you might offer a lot of candy options and hope to make a lot of candy sales. However, you might have found that you have trouble selling candy as much as you would like to. If you'd like to boost your sales, consider these tips.

1. Offer Unique Options

For one thing, consider thinking outside of the box and offering candy that your customers might not be able to get everywhere else. For example, selling locally made candy can be a great idea. Additionally, when ordering candy, consider buying new or unique flavors that might not be sold on every store shelf. If your customers know that they can satisfy their cravings for unique and different candy at your store, you might be their new go-to when they are craving something sweet.

2. Display it Properly

The way that you display your candy boxes can make a big difference. If your candy is tucked away on a shelf that isn't easily visible, then you might not get many sales. If you display it on nice, colorful candy displays that catch the attention, however, you might find that more people are tempted to buy something sweet. Also, along with having a candy aisle, consider putting displays near the cash register so that customers will see your sweet offerings as they head to pay for their gas or other items. Rotating the candy that you keep at the front will help you determine what sells best.

3. Offer Specials

People probably aren't going to buy your candy if it's overpriced. Look for the lowest prices on candy so that you can offer the lowest prices possible while still making a profit. Also, consider offering special pricing for certain things, such as a special discount for those who buy two or three candy bars at a time or who buy a candy bar and a soda. People love getting deals, and knowing that they are getting a great price can encourage them to purchase a sweet treat that they might have felt a little guilty about buying otherwise.

If you've found that you haven't been selling as much candy in your convenience store as you would like, you could be wondering if there are any changes that you can make that can help you make more sales. Luckily, following these tips can help you sweeten your customers' day and bring in a little more in candy-related profits as well.